Painter’s Toolkit: Painting Materials for Beginners

Painter's Toolkit: A guide to painting materials for beginners.

Painter’s Toolkit: Painting Materials for Beginners A Guide to the Painting Materials that you’ll need to learn oil or acrylic painting. New to painting? First let me congratulate you on your decision to learn to paint! You’re now officially a beginner painter! When you first start out, it can be overwhelming. You don’t know how […]

The Importance of Value for Artists

The Importance of Value for Artists. A free tutorial on painting and drawing with exercises, tools, analysis of artworks and more! On the Oh She Paints Blog:

The Importance of Value for Artists Understanding value, otherwise known as tone or tonality (the lightness or darkness of a color), is absolutely essential to any kind of drawing and painting, whether you do abstract, landscape, still life or figurative work. It isn’t merely a concern for realist painters, but something all artists should be […]

Landscape Painting Tips

Learn to Paint with Landscape Painting Tips on the Oh She Paints Blog

Landscape Painting Tips After the last post Landscape painting tutorial, I thought I’d show you a few more studies that I’ve done recently to get you inspired. I’ll also offer a few suggestions on specific issues in landscape painting. With summer coming, it’s a great time to get outside to paint! Color Palette In these […]

Still Life Painting: Lemons

Learn to paint lemons in this step-by-step tutorial on

Still Life Painting: Lemons In this lesson, we’re going to practice still life painting by painting a pair of lemons using oil or acrylic paint. I’ll guide you step-by-step through the fun and easy process of painting a still life to develop your painting techniques and skills. If you haven’t done the Paint an apple […]

Still Life Painting: Paint an Apple

Learn to Paint an Apple in the Fruit Studies Series on Oh She Paints' Blog

Still Life Painting: Paint an Apple In this still life painting lesson for beginners, I’m going to teach you how to paint an apple, step-by-step. This is an easy and fun exercise that will help you improve your painting techniques and brush handling skills. In addition to the basics of painting, you’ll learn about value […]

Landscape Painting Tutorial

How to paint a landscape. Step-by step landscape painting tutorial on

Landscape Painting Tutorial Spring is in the air! With the warm weather and everything in bloom, there’s no better time to do some landscape painting studies. Whether or not you’ve done landscape art before, you’ll find these studies really satisfying. Landscape is a great subject for beginners learning to paint, as well as for more […]